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When the ShadowBrokers first published the code for EternalBlue— an NSA exploit targeting Windows’ file-sharing protocol — researchers knew it was a bad bug. But most had no idea of the scale of the damage that would be caused ...
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“Locky” feels like quite a cheery-sounding name. But it’s also the nickname of a new strain of ransomware, so-called because it renames all your important files so that they have the extension .locky. Of course, it doesn’t just rename ...
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A virus named Locky currently wreaking havoc on the Net. With more than 400,000 affected machine in the world, it is mainly the USA who are most concerned. This virus is kind of Ransomware. It can fit in ...
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Symantec has found an unusual new threat called Regin aka Backdoor.Regin. The software, which is essentially a very powerful Trojan Horse, appears to have been circulating in the wild since 2008 and has been hitting governmental, industrial, and ...
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Even if you’ve never heard of OpenSSL, it’s probably a part of your life in one way or another — or, more likely, in many ways. The apps you use, the sites you visit; if they encrypt the ...
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