EA announced the next entry in the Battlefield series with a new trailer, and we now have the first screenshots of the World War I-era game.

Battlefield 1 features a number of new or returning elements for the series, such as horses, flamethrowers, biplanes, and zeppelins. Many of these are featured in this first batch of images, all of which you can see in the gallery below.



The game features the same 64-player multiplayer action the series is known for, but expands on it with things like trenches, battleships, and improved close-range combat. The campaign, meanwhile, aims to draw on the sandbox nature of the multiplayer mode.

Gameplay is still a major question: the technology available in WW1 is a far cry even from the weapons we’re used to for WW2 shooters. It’s not like any of this games are ever realistic depictions of warfare, anyways, so don’t expect a whole lot of sitting around playing guards before being killed by a mustard gas attack. It’s still a bold move, and a striking departure from Call of Duty’s increased focused on near and far-future combat. We’ll see how everything pans out when the game releases.

The picture bellow compare the number of viewers of both  games and present the clear wide spread in less than a day.

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The game is due out on October 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with an early access period on October 18. For more details, check out our story on its announcement.



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