[lightbox full=”http://liltle-fighter.hostingsiteforfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Capture.gif”]Didon : The Tunisian Submarine Data Cable Didon : The Tunisian Submarine Data Cable Capture[/lightbox]
[two_third_last] Ready For Service : May 2014
Cable Length: 170 km
Owners: Orange Tunisia, Ooredoo Tunisia
Landing Points
*Kelibia, Tunisia
*Mazara del Vallo, Italy
[/two_third_last] The two telecommunications operators, Orange Ooredoo Tunisia and Tunisia, are known to their customers and the general public that the binding of submarine cable installed in common they arrived Thursday, April 17 to 15h in Tunisia the landing point located Kélibia.
This cable connects Tunisia to Italy and reaches all the global voice and data network. It will be jointly operated by the two operators. This achievement is a very good example in the field of infrastructure sharing between telecommunications operators.
The theoretical wire speed up to 18 Terabit / second, which represents a success for Tunisia which saw its available capacity in the country increased by a new infrastructure for which he had invested nearly eight million Euros .
The two operators, Orange Ooredoo Tunisia and Tunisia, are aware of the challenges posed by this new achievements for the country, in terms of connectivity and capacity needed between Tunisia and the rest of the world. It is for this reason that they are happy to announce this historic event.

Didon : The Tunisian Submarine Data Cable Didon : The Tunisian Submarine Data Cable large news CABLE SOUS MARIN DIDON

It is also a first in the history of telecommunications in Tunisia since the two operators were able to combine and invest in a type of infrastructure linking Tunisia to the global network.
“A submarine cable is a highway at sea Yesterday was the arrival of the work of the highway to the beach Kélibia. This is a historic event for us as an operator and for the country as qu’avancée in telecommunications, “said Hatem MESTIRI – Chief Technology Officer Ooredoo Tunisia.
“In addition to being a historical technical success for Tunisia, This submarine cable will allow Orange Tunisia to continue to offer the best service at the best price for the welfare of the Tunisian consumer, especially on the internet services.” said Mr. Hatem Masmoudi, CMO of Orange Tunisia



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