Internet Technology

Walmart and Google announced a new partnership that will enable voice shopping through Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant that lives on devices like its smart speaker, Google Home. Specifically, consumers will now be able to take advantage of ...
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You don’t have to be a circus freak contortionist to sleep on a plane thanks to Woollip. Now you can dive face-first into an inflatable travel pillow that’s made to sit atop your tray table. It just hit ...
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A camera 360 for the general public was created by the French company Giroptic. The 360Cam is an innovation in the world of audio visual that will turn the videos differently. This revolutionary product can be used in ...
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Electronics Technology

Earlier this year, Looking Glass successfully raised $252,000 on Kickstarter for its 3D LED cube, dubbed the L3D Cube. But Now As You Can See above This Cube Is The New Type Of Display Now the startup actually ...
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Thyncs is launching its mood-altering headset today, letting you find a state of calm or boost your energy with controls on your smartphone. As we reported back in October, the Los Gatos-based startup has raised $13 million to ...
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Say hello to yet another cute toy with a mission to lift dollars out of parents’ wallets get kids coding and grasping the basics of logical thinking. Codie is a programmable robot that’s controlled via an app, using a visual ...
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