EA and E3 2014

EA and E3 2014

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The American company EA Games is planning to reveal the 6 new games in the exhibition E3 2014.
EA has revealed plans to unveil Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 2014, where the company confirmed a review of the game Star Wars Battlefront addition for the detection of a range of new games expected to be issued in the current year and next year.
“Andrew Wilson,” the CEO of EA confirmed the presence of six other games will be unveiled for the first time during the exhibition, without a hint of the content or the names of those addresses.
It is expected that the company uses engine Frostbite 3 in games is upcoming, where reports indicate detection game Mass Effect 4 and two games belonging to the series of Star Wars from the development studio DICE team and Visceral addition to a review of the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, the games are supposed disclosed for the first time often will include FIFA 15 game and the game of American football Madden NFL 26, which are issued on an annual basis.

“Noteworthy that the EA conference held on 9 June.”



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